What We Offer

We can’t emphasise enough how different our tours are – visit the world with us!

There are a number of key factors that make our tours stand out from the majority on offer – all designed to add value to you.

What’s different about a tour with us?

  • We are sincere about providing you with a great tour experience.
  • We include nearly everything – entrance fees, meals and tips. There are no hidden costs or extras. All inclusions are carefully listed in our terms and conditions.
  • We venture into the countryside and remote villages so you experience the lifestyle by meeting the locals and learn their culture. This is a fundamental aspect of our tour itineraries.
  • We work closely with operators in each of the countries we visit and they provide us with guides who live in those countries. This really enhances your travel experience giving you the advantage of a unique insight into the local culture and industry.
  • The itineraries we send you won’t include everything we are going to see, do and experience. We want you to have the experience of a lifetime and it makes for a more exciting and rewarding trip if there is an element of discovery! We are known to offer some pleasant surprises.

Farm and Leisure Tours aims to provide you with a tour that has many of the appealing elements of independent travel but at the same time the advantages and security of a fully guided tour.

You get access to the most appropriate and qualified tour leaders and guides no matter where your tour destination is.

Our policy is that to maximise your enjoyment professional tour leaders representing our company will lead our outbound tours unless we are arranging the tour for another organisation or a partner company is providing a Tour Leader.